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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment at home

Manage pain, accelerate recovery, and boost overall well-being with hyperbaric oxygen at home. Enjoy the comfort and style of your private capsule.

HBOT chambers for wellness applications

Deliver premium hyperbaric oxygen therapy services for relaxation, sports recovery, performance enhancement, and rejuvenation.

HBOT chambers for medical applications

Deliver safe and effective hyperbaric chamber therapy with leading-edge technology designed and certified for medical applications.

We build certified medical hyperbaric oxygen technology with focus on user accessibility, user interaction and experience. Our systems provide the most effective hyperbaric conditions for high pressure and pure oxygen delivery.

Our systems are built to bridge the gap between medical and wellness applications, with medical-grade technology configured for safe wellness applications, personal health objectives, or sports recovery.


Designing hyperbaric solutions for patient-centered care

Our design and engineering philosophy is to provide an integrated approach to custom hyperbaric manufacturing, centered on individual or multiple patient care, which can enable healthcare providers to deliver quality services that bring positive change into people’s lives.

Therapeutically effective for HBOT

We build systems that deliver therapeutic levels of oxygen under high pressure, ranging from 2.0 ATA to 6.0 ATA.

The core mission is to ensure consistent system performance through rigorous testing, yet also to provide the best user experience and effective results.

Design and manufacturing

We apply meticulous design and engineering principles to ensure HPOTECH chambers are ergonomic, safe, and user-friendly.

This means working with medical and military-grade materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, to ensure performance, durability, and longevity.

Innovate to be better

Innovation is a continuous process to reach better results. The objective is to incorporate the latest technology and science into our hyperbaric systems.

Innovating in areas like patient comfort, automated system control, pressure modulation, and oxygen delivery allows us to find the proper balance between performance and usability.


Air Compressor


Precision pressure control is essential for optimum outcomes in therapy

Air compressors fill the chamber with air, playing a crucial role in creating the therapeutic pressure environment necessary for effective treatment. They are essential for regulating oxygen levels within the chamber.

Pressure control valves manage the changes in pressure, ensuring smooth transitions during compression and decompression phases, which is vital for patient comfort and safety. The system combines air compressors, oxygen concentrators, and pressure control valves to facilitate the therapy process.

Accelerate the healing process with oxygen under the right pressure

The health condition and the response to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for each patient is unique. When patients undergo HBOT for specific medical conditions they need to use specific session protocols with custom levels of pressure and oxygen delivery. The ability to adjust pressure levels ensures that patients receive personalized and targeted therapy.

High-pressure levels

We provide hyperbaric chambers with adjustable pressure levels ranging between 2.0 – 3.0 ATA, and even up to 6.0 ATA for specific medical needs.

Accurate pressure control

HPO TECH systems are developed with accurate pressure control enabling healthcare professionals to tailor treatment to each patient.

Better HBOT results

This ensures that patients receive the ideal pressure to maximize therapeutic benefits and minimize potential side effects.


Oxygen Concentrator

Champion your breath of pure oxygen.

One of our R&D innovations is the in-house production of portable high-pressure oxygen concentrators. This technology allows for precise control over the delivery of oxygen during HBOT sessions, ensuring optimal therapeutic benefits for our clients.

HPO TECH high-pressure oxygen concentrators are designed to deliver 20 LPM of pure oxygen content of over 90% at 3.5 BAR. This ensures that every breath taken within the hyperbaric chamber is enriched with vital oxygen, maximizing the potential for wellness and healing.

Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Built-in Breathing System (BIBS)

Welcome a new age of controlled breathing

The comfortable Built-in Breathing System (BIBS) mask enables patients to inhale oxygen inside the hyperbaric chamber. BIBS regulators offer a safe, effective, and user-friendly solution for delivering oxygen in hyperbaric chambers, particularly for patients requiring continuous flow or those who may benefit from simplified operation.


Unlike demand regulators, which only deliver oxygen when the user inhales, BIBS systems provide a constant flow of oxygen regardless of breathing patterns. This can be beneficial for patients who struggle with deep breaths or have conditions affecting their respiratory muscles.


As the system constantly flushes the chamber with fresh oxygen, it helps prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide, which can be harmful at high pressures.


BIBS systems require minimal interaction from the user, making them easier to use for patients with limited mobility or cognitive abilities.


The flow rate of oxygen can be precisely adjusted to deliver the desired concentration, even if the pressure inside the chamber fluctuates.


Software control

The control consoles, located on the outside and inside the chamber, provide the controls and instrumentation for chamber operation. This includes the gas control systems and communications system. Chamber control is fully automated via the Automation System.

Advanced monitoring & safety systems

HPO TECH systems are equipped with advanced monitoring sensors to track, monitor and control essential parameters during the therapy session. These monitoring capabilities allow healthcare providers to closely observe the patient’s response, adjust treatment if necessary, and assess the overall progress of the therapy.


Automation system

The Automation System controls the chamber and runs sessions automatically. It consists of automation software, industrial PLC, sensors, valves, and PC.

The PLC is the core of the system, monitoring and controlling all connected devices (sensors, valves, etc.). The specific devices and functions controlled depend on customer configuration.

Tracking session progress and user data in real-time

Real-time session information is gathered from sensors and displayed to monitor session status.

The monitoring systems track essential parameters, including atmospheric pressure, oxygen concentration, temperature, humidity, patient vitals, and treatment duration. Real-time monitoring enhances patient safety and empowers the medical team to make informed decisions.

Session status management

  • Automatic session control for speed, pressure, and time
  • Entry of new treatment profiles
  • Chamber ventilation
  • I/O calibration and other functions
  • Logging, reviewing, and printing tools
  • Session and patient information access
  • Opening sessions for Automation Software
  • Valve control by dimmer
  • Lighting On/Off
  • UVC On/Off
  • Radiator On/Off
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, and oxygen
  • Audio/visual warnings to the operator
  • Audible warning signal and safety button
  • Valve openings or maximum compression/decompression rate settings
  • Ear opening assistance
  • Session recording


The human element

We care about ergonomic design to enhance patient comfort, safety, and overall experience with features like comfortable seating, ecologic leather interiors, spacious interiors, transparent panels, light therapy, and entertainment options.

Our objective here is to ensure ease of entry and exit, interior comfort, and to accommodate needs like claustrophobia or mobility issues. A pleasant treatment experience promotes relaxation and contributes to better treatment compliance and overall satisfaction.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Accessibility and usability

We focus on designing customizable chambers that are accessible to various patient demographics, considering factors like age, mobility, and condition.

This also translates to ensuring user interfaces are intuitive and that systems can be operated with minimal training and mirrored controls (inside and outside), either by the individual user or by the operator.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber-4

Portability and flexibility

In some cases, portability and flexibility are essential requirements for hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric therapy may be needed in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, or even homes.

HPO TECH systems are designed with portability in mind to allow safe and effective hyperbaric oxygen treatments wherever it is most convenient for the patient, ensuring consistent and accessible treatment.

Wellness Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Entertainment system

Enhance your hyperbaric therapy experience with our integrated entertainment systems. From TVs and tablets to audio systems, enjoy your preferred content for relaxation and a positive mood during treatment. Our commitment extends beyond physical healing to include your emotional well-being inside the chamber.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber-3

Ergonomic seating

Experience maximum comfort with our ergonomic seats during your hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Tailored to your body’s physiology, the seats reduce pressure point stress and boost circulation, ensuring a relaxed and effective treatment session. By adapting to the contours of your body, the ergonomic seats alleviate muscle tension and ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the treatment.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber-7

Transparent panels for a sense of spatial freedom

For some people who wish to embark on the journey of hyperbaric therapy, the prospect of enclosed spaces can trigger feelings of unease. Transparent panels in our hyperbaric chambers address claustrophobia by providing openness and clear outside views, enhancing patient comfort. The panels also allow professionals to monitor patients continuously and respond effectively, ensuring patient safety.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber-5

User-friendly mirrored-controls for software operation

We integrate full automation systems for manual and digital control that merge software with hardware to deliver a user-friendly experience for both the patient and the operator.

The monitoring systems track and display essential parameters, including atmospheric pressure, oxygen concentration, temperature, humidity, patient vitals, and treatment duration.


Investing in long-term health.

A durable chamber with robust construction materials ensures longevity and sustained performance over the years. A quality hyperbaric chamber is an investment in long-term health. This helps patients and healthcare facilities continue to benefit from HBOT without the worry of frequent repairs or replacements.

Steel Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (work-in-progress)

Steel is the ideal choice for higher pressure capabilities and larger chamber sizes

Known for its robustness and exceptional structural integrity, steel hyperbaric chambers can withstand elevated pressures (up to 6.0 ATA) without compromising on safety.

These hyperbaric chambers are meticulously engineered to accommodate higher atmospheric pressures, making them suitable for treating a wide range of medical conditions with precision and effectiveness.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Aluminium hyperbaric chambers are perfect for portability and ease of transportation

Hyperbaric chambers crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium provide a combination of strength and reduced weight, making them easy to transport and set up in different locations.

The lightweight design ensures seamless mobility, allowing easy setup, installation and operation to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Total Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management system includes all aspects across design, manufacturing, testing, functionality, and customer service to ensure our hyperbaric oxygen systems are effective in therapy, but also safe, reliable, and accessible for patients.

Safety and compliance

Safety standards and certifications play a vital role in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of hyperbaric chambers used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Quality testing

Our quality control team coordinates the manufacturing and third-party testing process according to international regulations, procedures, and criteria for the certification of medical devices for medical HBOT & wellness applications.


Holding all the important CE, ISO, UKCA, NFPA, PVHO, PED, and ASME certifications, our products are manufactured, tested, and certified to the highest quality and safety standards. We comply with all international safety and quality regulations.