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Effective HBOT

Solid research shows hyperbaric chamber therapy can improve wellness, sports recovery, and performance, including various health conditions, making it a ‘need to have’ option for many health-oriented people.


Discover high-performance hyperbaric chambers, with fully automated operation. The technology is built for durability, it requires minimal maintenance, saving money in the long run.

Increased ROI

Growing demand for HBOT services allows wellness center to charge competitive prices, boosting the return on investment and also developing a devoted client base.

Hyperbaric oxygen at home

It’s convenient to enjoy hyperbaric oxygen treatment at home, in your private wellness center. We can provide the best hyperbaric chamber for home use, customized to integrate with your interior design.

We build HBOT chambers with focus on user accessibility, user interaction and experience. Our systems provide the most effective hyperbaric conditions for high pressure and pure oxygen delivery, with innovative design and comfortable interiors.



  • 1 SEAT




  • 1 OR 2 SEATS

  • 1 WINDOW

We care about system performance, user comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics.

You care about wellness.

To make our hyperbaric technology most effective for HBOT, we aimed for system performance under controlled pressure, and to provide streamlined oxygen delivery for the user through the BIBS mask.

Our technology brings together next-level design and customization options to provide the best hyperbaric oxygen experience, with all the important user comfort features.

Performance under pressure

Our hard-shell chambers deliver precise oxygen levels under controlled pressure (up to 2.0 ATA), ensuring the most effective therapeutic environment.


Robust safety features like manual and automated control, and emergency shutdown options, backed up by rigorous in-house and third-party quality testing and certification guarantee user safety.

User-friendly interface

The simple and intuitive mirrored-control panels allow users and/or operators to manage the session effortlessly.

HBOT sessions can be customized with various oxygen/pressure/time protocols, according to each user.

Session management

The chambers are equipped with systems that monitor and record session data accurately, enhancing treatment planning and management.

Having accurate data allows for tracking and analyzing health outcomes to refine wellness protocols over time.


We care about positive health outcomes with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

You care about personal health.

High standards in the development of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber translate into improved user health outcomes. Better wellness, faster healing, and shorter recovery times can reduce medical or non-medical expenses and lead to a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

Committing to high-quality, certified HBOT equipment can help establish your brand as a premium provider in the wellness and healthcare industry.

Sports recovery

Sports recovery centers regularly use the hyperbaric chamber for athletes to expedite recovery post-workout to minimize muscle soreness and enhance cellular repair and regeneration. They report quicker recovery from workouts and better performance.

Skin health and beauty

Enhanced oxygenation might benefit skin health and aesthetics by promoting collagen production and enhancing detoxification processes. HBOT could potentially slow down aging effects by sustaining cellular repair and regeneration.

Stress reduction

HBOT can play a role in reducing stress levels by promoting a sense of well-being due to enhanced oxygen availability to the body and the brain tissues. Most users report improved sleep quality, possibly due to enhanced general wellness and reduction in stress following HBOT.

Immune system boost

Research suggests HBOT might enhance the immune system, potentially reducing susceptibility to infections. Increased oxygenation may support the body’s natural detoxification processes, in turn benefitting overall health.


Total Quality Management

Our Total Quality Management system includes all aspects across design, manufacturing, testing, functionality, and customer service to ensure our hyperbaric oxygen systems are effective in therapy, but also safe, reliable, and accessible for patients.

Safety and compliance

Safety standards and certifications play a vital role in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of hyperbaric chambers used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Quality testing

Our quality control team coordinates the manufacturing and third-party testing process according to international regulations, procedures, and criteria for the certification of medical devices for medical HBOT & wellness applications.


Holding all the important CE, ISO, UKCA, NFPA, PVHO, PED, and ASME certifications, our products are manufactured, tested, and certified to the highest quality and safety standards. We comply with all international safety and quality regulations.